If you are looking for blog posts, please use the drop down archives or categories menu in the sidebar. Seven Trees Farm is currently working to finish up way too many infrastructure projects before the rains return, and will have plenty to share later this season.

Thank you for your patience!

Seven Trees Farm is a low-impact, low-input,  diversified subsistence farm located near the Canadian border in Whatcom County, WA.

We grow fruit, herbs, grains, legumes, garlic & vegetables, brew beer wine & cider, breed our own laying flock, and sometimes raise pigs and other meat animals.

Our goal is to learn, practice and teach traditional farm life skills while integrating modern technology as appropriate, promoting respect for the earth, encouraging biodiversity and increased food security. We are trying to find out just how much 1.25 acres can realistically provide by way of sustainable food production in a way that an average household can adapt to their specific circumstances.

We believe the time-tested methods and traditions of our ancestors have much to teach us about household-scale food production, and that it doesn’t require large acreage, herds of livestock, or expensive machinery to grow much of the food a household needs.