So close……

One of our nice neighbors called to see if we liked morels….um, duh!!! So she gave me a big bag they had picked across the street in the woods. They looked a bit different, but smelled yummy. Visions of fritatta (with fresh eggs from the gals) were dancing in our heads….

As the butter was heating in the pan, I decided to double check the mushrooms’ provenance online. Lo and behold! if we didn’t have a fat juicy bag of false morels. Poisonous unless cooked, and even then, some folks have a bad reaction. Not sure if the neighbors have been picking these all along & just not sensitive to them. Or maybe there are true morels in those woods too. In which case, we’d best hightail it over there while the picking is good.

On the home front….peas are sprouting, crossfencing is well underway (goats should have a new paddock Saturday), and I think we have a workable design for our herb beds up front.


2 thoughts on “So close……”

  1. Still not sure we didn’t just throw away a perfectly good batch of Morels, but it’s not a mistake that we’re willing to make.

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