Mark – The Evil Parrot

Here’s Mark, the nearly 15 year old Quaker parrot. He’s been a family member since he was about a year old, and gets crankier with every birthday. He enjoyed watching the Parrots of Telegraph Hill with us the other night. We put him on his little travel stand with a snack, and he hung out and groomed his feathers while he watched.

Earlier, after I made sure his wings were trimmed so he couldn’t get spooked and fly off, he went out to enjoy some sun. He loves climbing around in trees, as long as a human is close by. There are plenty of hawks and kitties that would like to make a snack out of Mark. In the top picture, he’s waving to the camera. What a ham!

I took him over to say hi to Chappelle, but as you can see, he’s not too thrilled with goats.


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