Still life, with tequila…

Since we were out of limes, and we just got a free sample of “True Lime” lime substitute, we thought we’d see if it was a product worth adding to our pantry. It’s basically powdered lime oil and citric acid, and it’s touted as great for adding to water for flavor and vitamin C.

But it works pretty dang well sprinkled on the back of my hand, with salt, for tequila shots. There is a lemon version too, and I think we’ll look for both at the store next shopping trip.

So here we are with a 3 day weekend, and it’s raining. It’s been pouring most of the week, so we’re down to the final barn-building push, rain or shine. We’re also waiting for the feed store to deliver a pile of fencing and a gate soon. If not for that, I think we’d run to town for shopping and assorted errands. Oh well…that means 2 or 3 hours working in the rain, then going to town a bit soggy. Fingers crossed for more sun tomorrow…


One thought on “Still life, with tequila…”

  1. Hello thereFunny coincidence about the tequila…a friend of mine brought me a bottle of Jose Cuervo straight from Mexico. Since I am a wimp, it will be chilled in the freezer and sipped slowly. I guess I have to go for the lime shopping today. Beautiful sunshine here in Northern Cal, I will hold Horus, the Peregrine falcon for most of the day to convince people at a local streetfare to give financial aid for Horus’ food. I wish we could exchange the weather for a few hours 🙂

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