Goat Watch 2006

Still no babies. Lassie won’t actually be overdue for another couple of weeks, but she looks a bit more likely to kid soon. I’m sure she’ll get on with it right when no one is around to watch, and surprise us with a healthy little baby or two.

Here they are, working hard on a sunny afternoon.

Meanwhile, we’ve been getting the rest of the hay in. Raking up the leftovers, cutting the last bits and turning them every day. Another day or two should see the whole field cut & stored. Last night we ran to the Baker Bear store on Mt. Baker Hwy for milk and ice cream. It’s an ancient store on what used to be a rural “highway” out to Mt. Baker. It has the usual convenience/camping store kind of stuff and is staffed by friendly people.

I almost forgot! On the way back from the ice cream run, we went a back way. Right when we were rubbernecking at the honey hut (Guilmette’s Busy Bees farmstand where we get our brewing honey) we had to hit the brakes to avoid hitting a critter running across the road. Possum? Cat? Sasquatch? Nope. A great big peacock, in full feather! There must be a thing in Whatcom county for releasing them into the wild. We even have a few living in the raspberry farms and woods on our street.

Goodies are starting to trickle in from the garden. So far we’ve had lots of greens and lettuce, a few carrots, peas and potatoes…


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