Berry fine!!!

Hopefully everyone out there has a hight tolerance for sweet little baby pictures…(and remember to click on them for a bigger version)

Lassie had a little boy goatie, about 8:40 this morning. She was only in labor less than an hour, and there were no problems at all. We named him Berry. It took a few tries to figure out which end of Mom is the food end, but he managed with a little help. He’s already griping at her for the non-stop washing she’s subjecting him to. His next big milestones will be painful, but hopefully quickly forgotten. Eventually he’ll need to be disbudded, which is the happy term for having his little horn buds removed. Then comes ye olde castration. Unless someone wants to buy him as a buck, he’ll be a wether like Chappelle. In a few days, when he’s dried off and fluffy, we’ll take his official pictures for the Pygora registry. They decide who gets preliminary registration based on parents and coloring. He’ll get full registration 9 months from now if his fleece meets approval.

Anyway….whew!! What an exciting morning.


4 thoughts on “Berry fine!!!”

  1. He’s really cute, but does he have to get all those painful things done to him? Maybe he’ll turn out to be a champion pygora stud…LGP

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