We tried to warn you….

Prepare for a lot more super-sweet Berry pictures…like these –

Berry inspected some of the fresh-picked lettuce I tried to bribe mom with.

Check out what Fergus and Chappelle were up to while I was snapping baby photos!

Another too-hot day. We built some on the new hen house, and finalized plans to go to Orcas Island this week to look at a Dexter heifer. The garden is growing right along despite the heat. There are now tiny baby pumpkins, the size of marbles! Peas, lettuce, beet greens, chard and carrots are all part of the menu. Some of the potatoes are ready to be dug for baby taters, and the corn is about as high as Fergus’ eye when he’s trying to see what’s on the kitchen counter.

After looking over the breeding schedule of the place we got Lassie from, it looks like the best bet for a convenient future birthday, and for the fleece we like, is to send her on a date with Berry’s dad in November. She’s had cute babies with him before Berry, a boy and a little girl named Flower that had lovely fleece. So as much as we’d like to see what results a different buck would bring, we’ll probably go with Dusty.


2 thoughts on “We tried to warn you….”

  1. That fur looks just too soft. If I could, I would order that conditioner for my hair, that makes it look that way, but I guess it includes being licked excessively by a goat. We cannot have farm animals within the city limits…

  2. Congratulations on the birth of my new “grandgoat!” (And just one day short of Jody’s 40th we won’t say what). How absolutely adorable. You two are doing such a remarkable job in the life you have chosen. Much love to you and your precious family. Mom

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