Here’s a look at the Nooksack river during summer. It’s a little upstream from the pics we took at the bridge, but you can see that it’s normally a peaceful pretty river.
Here’s an aerial view of the town of Ferndale, downstream from us, as the river flows.
The precip models (animated loop) for the next week look horrendous! Things can always change, but so far it looks like we’ll get more rain storms on Friday and Monday.
Well…that’s it for now, since we need to get the pumpkin ale out of the brew pot and into the carboy. We used 2 roasted pie pumpkins, and a big bag of assorted malted grains. After being stewed in the pot a bit, we bagged and froze the residue for chicken treats. It actually looks tasty enough to bake into bread, so we’ll see who end up with the goodies.

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  1. How did you get an aerial shot?–> Imagines a flotilla of very hard working chickens flapping their wings to lift a lawn-chair full of feminist homesteader… :DGlad to see you still have internet access. Hope you and the critters remain above the waterline.LGP

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