Branching out

Well folks,

Looks like Seven Trees will have it’s own discussion board/forum soon. We’re just playing around with fun stuff like board colors and smilies and such….oh yeah, and content. We’ll start out with a few topics and add more as people join in. Stuff like gardening, the ever-popular critter corner, some weather/climate/global warning stuff, women’s history, general news, etc. You know – a corny little message board-type thing!

When it’s done, we’ll link to it from here, and from Seven Trees new website. The blog will still be right here though….

Check out the visitor we had the other night. It was going after a moth on the screen door that had been drawn to the porch light. It eventually gave up and hopped into the heather below. It would have been a toss up anyway, since the frog was about the same size as the moth…


5 thoughts on “Branching out”

  1. You have a point there!!It’s amazing to have a couple of dry days…the forecast sure looks grim though…oh well…that’s what rubber boots were made for 8- ))Seven Trees (PN)

  2. On deeper pondering, its a wonder that Kermit didn’t become a toy for the canine contingent.Do parrots chase frogs?Best wishes on your new messageboard. Any chance someone, somewhere, has created a library of southpark smileys?LGP

  3. LGP…There are South Park avatars! We haven’t found any smileys yet though.We’ll be beta testing the board pretty soon & invite you to come check it out ASAP. (We’d love it if you’d consider being a moderator.) It’s kind of like a sim-forum game right now. I keep forgetting the whole purpose is to go live with it and have other people contribute. We’re such geeks that just picking out features and colors and such is entertaining. The only bummer part is that you can only upload pics from a public server/site, not from your own PC.Mark the Evil Parrot would probably be afraid of a frog, and the dogs would be beaten with large sticks (not really) if they chased the tree froggies. Actually, the dogs prefer looking for kitty “outhouses” for snacks, than chasing frogs. Kitty Roca!!

  4. Sounds like decorating a new house, only cheaper. :DKitties have such short digestive tracts that they really don’t extract much of the potential nutrition from what they eat, which is why doggies, with their longer omnivorous gut that can extract the remaining nutrients, so enjoy a kitty poop snack (with those nice clay crunchies stuck to the outside!)Despite this, when it comes to variety and nastiness of microbes growing in mouths, humans are cleaner than cats and dirtier than dogs.Ponder that after your next deep kiss…. πŸ˜›

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