Another shocking Saturday

Here’s what we did today- installed a handy-dandy electric fence charger! We had the tiniest window of dry weather to get most of it done. The insulators (plastic thingies that hold the wire) are in place, the ground wire installed, now all we need to do is run the actual wire.

Getting ready to cut the ground rod into two pieces. To be safe, we need 3 rods pounded into the ground, which helps protect the charger in electrical storms.

Look at these starving goaties! Fat bellies and nice fluffy fleece.

And last but not least, our team of gardeners took advantage of a 5-minute sun break to clean up the fenceline near the garden.


4 thoughts on “Another shocking Saturday”

  1. >>Berry’s fleece does look lovely. Do either of you spin?<<I took a spinning class last year & can make yarn with a drop spindle. It’s kind of zen and soothing.>>Is Stella already aquainted with electric fence?<<There is electric fence at her current place, and we have a really strong stock panel fence behind it. The hotwire should keep her from “abusing” the fence, by leaning or pushing on it,like big critters tend to do. –JB

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