Stewart graduated from puppy class today!!

Here’s the graduate, with D & teacher Diana. He had to do quite a serious test of his puppy powers, but did pretty well for such a wiggly guy. CHeck out his mortarboard and how thrilled he is to wear it!

Here’s the graduate, post ceremony. Looks like he had to blow off a little steam.

Here are our front fir trees being blown over the house. The wind was gusting 60mph+ plus then.

Last but not least, here are the laying hens when we checked them last night. All but 2 had crowded into the 3 nest boxes. Stormy weather and all, there was still one fresh egg laid, and 2 more today.
The wind is kicking up again, but thanks to our wonderful neighbor, we have a generator to add a little cheer tonight, and keep our food frozen. He also gave us some fresh hazelnuts from his trees, and some homemade jerky. How cool is that!
Hopefully the power will be on again soon, but there are poles and trees and wires down all over….

5 thoughts on “Stewart graduated from puppy class today!!”

  1. Stewart will have to come visit his teacher and demonstrate how well he remembers how to flop and wiggle 8- )Can’t let that diploma go to his head though…

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