Whatcom County nor’easter ’06

Here’s a pretty fir tree getting drifted up with snow, along with the bricks we bought for flower bed edging.

Choppy water on Wiser Lake, looking east from Guide-Meridian.

Eastbound on E. Pole Rd.

Caught in one of many snow-devils on E. Pole.
Drift-covered car in ditch, E. Pole & Noon Rd.

SUV, taking a break from winter driving, also on E. Pole Rd.

Corgi, high-centered in snow last night.


3 thoughts on “Whatcom County nor’easter ’06”

  1. That’s some scary stuff!I hope your animals are okay/barn is adequately warm. Do they make blankets for cows and goats?LGP

  2. The goats & cow are pretty furry with their winter coats, and have good shelter and lots of hay to bed down in. They tend to pile up in one corner with the old red hens. The other chickies mainly stay in the coops and we put buckets of hot water inside to help warm them up.

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