Birdy bath night!

Most parrots are content to bathe via a mister or spray bottle. But not our Mark. She needs the whole kitchen counter and some bakeware.
Is that a piranha I see?

Never mind the piranhas, parrot dive!

Mark likes to snort water and sneeze while she bathes.

Look at the baby! All nice and clean and wrapped in a “towel”. Mark actually loves cuddling up this way.

9 thoughts on “Birdy bath night!”

  1. Sorry: Chicken pot pie comes to mind…He does look very cute, never seen a bird enjoying to be held, you must have really raised him trusting all you do to him.

  2. LOLOL Mmm-mm! That’s always an option.Mark will let us lay her on her back and other tricks, but there is always a chance you’ll be bitten. It depends on how hormonal she is at that moment.But Mark is quite fond of cuddling as well as giving kisses in which she makes delightful kiss sounds as you pretend to kiss her. Also enjoys a good head scritching in those hard to groom spots, especially when molting.

  3. Now that is cute. She seems to be very very excited to be playing in the water. =) The cute quaker parakeet at petsmart is still there. He’s cute, but not as cute as mark.On a side note, sorry for the inactivity on the message board. My computer is in a state of, lets say, rest. And seems to be happier turned off. It is very sad.

  4. Cute… but vicious! I hope J ignores that the Quaker is still available, whoo boy! Now 2 parrots, need that like a hole in the head.First car, now computer. Sorry to hear that. I used to fix them for a living. Computers that is. Is it dead, dead? Or like it has a virus or some other CTD?Gotta feed dogs! Ciao!!

  5. I think its a virus of sorts, I’m gonna try and see if I can burn the contents of the harddrive onto a DVD and then wipe my drive. Hopefully the wipe will do the trick. Frankly its amazing the thing still turns on, its a four year old laptop so I feel kind of lucky that I’ve had it for this long. =)

  6. If you can’t get your data saved… let me know. That’s all I did (among other things) for an ISP in E. WA… remove viruses, trojans and malware from client computers. If it will barely turn on though… sounds pretty toasted.

  7. Noooo! not toasted! I refuse to hear the words! Not my precious laptop. I’ll keep you posted on its status. My brother is pretty decent with computer recovery so Ill toss it over to him and see if he can wrk his magic.

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