Breaking NEWS… We survived the storm…

Some of us a might more cozily than others I might add. At least once rounded up and locked inside for the evening. Oh… and the brown thingy is a catnip cigar (of all things). A very well chewed catnip cigar. Catnip eases the pain of kitties when locked indoors…
Not even a lot of tree debris around our house, except that which came down on earlier blows, and that I’d already raked into piles.
We still have power even!!
The wind was ferocious and turned from a cold northerly blow to a warmer south blowing gale, right around 9 last night. Many a louder gust kept us up off and on all night.
This morning it was still blowing off and on until this post, about 0900.
Now we can expect snow. Hurray!

2 thoughts on “Breaking NEWS… We survived the storm…”

  1. two kitties in the cube?I’m wondering if I’m going to survive the chill down here–30’s over night, 50’s by day, my furnace is out, and my space heater burned out last night.Still having intermittent problems posting comments here.LGP

  2. Just the one kitty, Crichton, is in the cube. Newt and Crichton at times sleep near each other, but not that close!Can you get a new heater? Get yours fixed??We have a wood stove we use primarily to heat, but have electric base board heaters in our house – bleh.I highly recommend the indoor propane heaters “Mr. Buddy” that can run off those wee green tanks, or larger propane tanks, if you buy the hose fitting. We purchased one when we first moved here and were living in this horribly cold rental house. It was the closest thing to having a little portable fireplace owing to the very satisfying radiant heat it produces. Run… run, don’t walk to the store and get one today!!Here’s a link to the mfc site:

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