Who needs farmhands with help like this?

Such helpful critters!

The wheelbarrow has been fully inspected, and is now ready for occupancy. I think Stella even pondered hopping in, but Lassie had dibs.

The ‘Busójárás’ is a folk tradition in the town of Mohács in Baranya county in South Hungary. The ‘Busójárás’ is a winter solstice feast, a celebration of the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The ‘busós’ are young men clad in fur and white linen trousers, wearing wooden masks with horns. They light a bonfire and march around its flames to celebrate the beginning of the spring season. – http://www.china-fpa.org/hpa2000/2000d/e-index2-t.htm

Not sure if we invited the Buso or not, but we’re having a little backyard solstice fire, Thursday the 21st, sometime after 5pm. It’s a work day, so we won’t be up too late, but feel free to drop by if you’re in the area and share a few brews & hot dogs while we do our part to scare off winter and welcome spring.


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