Barnyard Blowout!

Well, we decided to give the critters a little more elbow room, and opened paddock #2. There isn’t much new grass on it yet, but they need some space. Stella figured it was an appropriate occasion to demonstrate her wild Auroch heritage with some charges and bucking.

We opened the meat bird run, so they could do some free-ranging. The old red biddies didn’t take kindly to the interlopers. The old hens actually have some wicked spurs on their feet, and this hen put them to serious use on an uppity rooster.

Can you feel the love? Fergus wants to lick Stella’s head soooo badly. She lets him, once in a while…

News Flash: Creatures were stirring!

You know the poem, The Night Before Christmas, where not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse? Well that’s a cruel lie, perpetrated by people who don’t have a kitty like Newt around. That little mouse was stirring all right, because Newt brought it in and helpfully loosed it under the bed for we humans to enjoy as a holiday treat. Luckily it didn’t take long to catch, and got a reprieve by being tossed back outside. Let’s hope Newt doesn’t repeat the gift-giving episode…


4 thoughts on “Barnyard Blowout!”

  1. A cat’s assessment of your skill as a provider is directly proportional to the condition in which it brings you prey. If it only brings you dead prey, it means the cat thinks you are not good at providing for yourself and need to be fed at the level reserved for a helpless kitten. If a cat brings you prey that is essentially intact, that is a complement that the cat views you as a good provider and adequate hunter.Be happy your cat holds you in such high esteem.

  2. It’s like a Klingon holding you in high esteem!Newt is definitely a discriminating kitty. And a bit kooky. It’s nice to know she cares, but Ick! I guess it’s better than her Eastern WA hunting habits. She would always leave the bathroom rug folded over, and when you opened the “package” there would be some varmint’s internal organ nicely displayed. Which would have been fine if I had my contacts in or glasses on. My vision is so bad, I couldn’t tell liver or kidney from random spot until I was 6 inches away….

  3. Scamper Stella! Scamper like never before!Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season! I am coming out of my tryptophan induced coma now, so its been a good one for me! Hopefully you are in a similar state. =)

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