Weekend forecast: BUSY!

The week has been nothing but work, sleep, work, and so on. Weather and lack of daylight have kept us from outside/critter chores, so today we both took a vacation day to catch up.

But first, a major errand run – much pillaging to do! Then we’ll be dosing all the barnyard critters for the various cooties they tend to get. Rounding up chickens, placing them in a plastic bag with insecticide power (heads out of course) and doing the shake & bake thing. Oh boy is that ever fun! The cow & goats get a pour on cootie treatment and their hooves trimmed (the goats do, Stella needs a farrier to do her feet).

Hopefully we’ll get a chunk of sod-turning done for the new garden, and maybe set a fence post or two. It’s been frosting up overnight, but sunny afternoons…..

And our boy Stew has injured his elbow somehow, probably roughhousing like kids do, and has been dosed with a teeny bit of muscle relaxant. Not only for pain, but to slow him down a bit to rest. Check out his goofy goofy grin!


4 thoughts on “Weekend forecast: BUSY!”

  1. That is a happy dog drug face if I’ve ever seen one. =) That stewart, always getting into trouble..It was good to see you guys the other day at work! And it was nice to finally meet the infamous Fergus!

  2. What do you mean!? I have never seen two dogs behave so well in the store before. Not a bark or yelp from either of them. Perfect little angels I say.

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