Peeping Tom Cat Redux…

Again with the peeping Tom-Cat!! Time to let the cat in. He’s far too important to use the cat door… (Actually Crichton’s a neutered cat. Always fix your pets!!)

More gorgeous spring weather here. Perfect for gardening and other outdoor fun.

Essentially, Coq au Vin, our home raised chickens stewed in wine, onion, mushrooms, garlic and herbs. Mmm-mm!

Can you say Dog-Demons? Here’s Stewart at 8 months old now, but still experiencing his teenage madness. He’s tipping the scales just over 90 pounds now.

Otherwise Seventrees denizens have been under the weather. Some bug making the rounds has layed us all low for a few days. I guess the weather hasn’t helped. Look for some real projects soon, or so we hope… weather permitting.


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