Future flock and goatie guest!

Here they are – 3 Ameraucanas, 3 Black Australorps and 2 Black Sex Links! Four of our Sussex hens have gone to a new home to make room for these chickies when they grow up.

The feed store had got in 100 Cornish Cross meat birds last night, but someone bought them all. We’ll get 10 or so next week to raise for the freezer. Should be a bit more tender than our Sussexes.

Here’s Lily, our goatie guest. She’ll be staying us while her barn is being built. Right now she’s a bit homesick and not too sure about all these uncouth critters.

Lassie isn’t too thrilled about the perceived threat to her status as herd matriarch and Berry’s main mom. Lily is doing great at standing up to the hassling though.


Looks like we’re getting the beginning of the forecasted Pineapple Express. One last monsoon before spring, methinks. Hopefully we won’t lose power, but I have my doubts about a certain cottonwood in the woods across the road. It’s leaning perilously towards the main power lines…


7 thoughts on “Future flock and goatie guest!”

  1. I love your wooly goats!Lassie is acting like a goatie mother in law.Lily looks so clean and white. With your weather (and playing with a naughty wether), I wonder how long that will last?

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