Stella says…

Drink a mug of milk a meal!

Next is her portfolio headshot… Moooovve over you Holsteins, here comes Stella the Dexter!

This is naughty Newt. She somehow got on top of the support beam for the netting that protects the laying flock from raptors, and is conducting a surprise chicken inspection.

Newt detests being photographed, and bolts whenever we show up with camera in hand, funny antics abruptly ended. Unfortunately for her, being on the support as she was, she couldn’t bolt faster than I could capture the picture below. What I couldn’t capture for here was the outraged, “MeeeOOooww!” She uttered this when she realized what I was doing. Ovbiously the paparazzi are as unwelcome to her as any other celebrity…

And here’s Stewart, big as a horse now. First he “Marmaduked me”, as in came over and climbed up to say hello. Then he obviously recalled those times as a puppy on my lap and wiggle-leapt the reast of the way onto my lap, before he could be ejected to the floor. Naughty, but still had me laughing…

Chicky update: All but one are thriving, and even the one sickly runt seems likely to make it. The two black star hybrids, just don’t seem as vigorous as the other breeds.


5 thoughts on “Stella says…”

  1. Newt is a bit chubby, but none of us here are suffering truth is…If Stewart keeps growing, we are going to end up with a pony after all! His lagre size cannot match his appetite for chicken poop though… GROSS!

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