Shear madness!

Here’s the wonder goat boy, posing as usual for the camera. Little did he know we had found a shearer near by…

Poor baby! You can just make out his head at the far right, in a headlock. Lassie was sheared first and set up an impressive caterwauling. Berry, being more spoiled, just yelled for “Maaaaa! Maaaaa!”

Here they are trying to prove their identities with no hair and no dignity. Lassie & Berry spent most of the day chasing each other around, fighting and sniffing.

And here’s the fleece. Lassie’s isn’t very good, but we’ll see if we can process it into something spinnable. But Berry’s feels like a warm cloud. It is almost weightless and with hardly any guard hairs. Now we send a sample off to the Pygora registry and they do a micron test to assign it a category based on fineness. Then he’ll be fully registered. If he is a class C fleece, it is legally saleable as cashmere. Pretty special for such a demon child.

Lots more pics and news to come. We tilled more garden, let the baby chickies out, and Stella licked my cheek! Stay tuned for updates…


3 thoughts on “Shear madness!”

  1. That shearing episode looks like ten years of my childhood! Except with bumbling little lambs and 200-300 pound ewes. =)

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