Now & then – chickie style

Here’s Peeps and PoopButt when they lived in the bathroom. Peeps was doing poorly and we brought Poops in to keep her company. They got fed gatorade and yogurt along with chick starter.

Here they are now, 2 months later. Peeps is the one on the left, Poops on the right. She’s as big as everyone else, and twice as scrappy. They are both nice little pullets, and they work hard everyday looking for bugs and taking dust baths.

So how big is Stewart anyway? We tried holding the yardstick up to measure, but apparently that is classified information! He got to meet a very nice lady Newfoundland today, and what did our big brave boy do? He hid. Very very scary to encounter another dog bigger than oneself. They had fun & shared a rawhide bone, played in the yard, etc. But in the end, Stew is more comfortable hanging out with Fergus, the easily dominated dwarf. Oh well…

We’ve reached the conclusion that Seven Trees can’t really support 2 grazing critters. As nice as our grass is, it just isn’t enough acreage. Stella could probably do fine until the rainy season, but Stella and Bob the bull, or Stella and her weaned calf, will need a good amount of hay put up for the year. Good thing we’re building more storage space for hay, and learning how to manage the grazing we do have. We’re thinking to try overseeding with timothy grass next. It was already growing here when we moved in, and seems to do better every year, with a little attention.


5 thoughts on “Now & then – chickie style”

  1. Always interesting to me to see what’s going on at your place. You seem to take a very orderly approach to things.

  2. Look at that dog! He’s HUGE! Nice and healthy lookin too. Glad that things seem to be going go for you guys!

  3. The nettles link is funny!Nettle tea does reek to high heaven once it gets fermenting. I have a batch in the greenhouse now ;- )

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