Is she or isn’t she?

Pregnant, that is. If I’ve counted right, Stella should be smack into heavy flirting mode with Bob right now, but this is what they are up this morning. Just standing there, staring at me as I poke around the garden. No tail flipping, no nuzzling, no bounding around the paddock like schoolkids. Just eating, staring, sleeping and cud-chewing. Fingers are definitely crossed for a March calf!
And a kitty’s-eye view of the insane tattie-patch, also known as “what-was-I-thinking?!”. The spud plants are huge and lush, beautiful lavender and purple flowers everywhere. I sure hope the underground bounty matches the top growth. Which leads me to the next issue – where the heck are all the spuds going to go? Guess I’d best figure out the best plan for a mini root cellar pretty soon. That and come up with large gift sacks for sharing the tuber-love come Yuletide!

Here is a clip of the hail/rain/thunder storm that rolled through today. We were under the porch roof, shrieking at the apparent damage to the garden. Everything came through ok though!


2 thoughts on “Is she or isn’t she?”

  1. That is exceptional growth there on the potatoes, I don’t think I have ever seen that much green on top…And yes, I am also keeping my fingers crossed on Stella, would be great if the first round worked out well immediately, and the investment into Bob’s services pay off. Is there a pregnancy test for cows that is inexpensive and could verify the wishful thinking? If it is available, one could shorten or lengthen Bob’s stay…

  2. The kitties LOVE playing and hiding in-between the rows. It’s like a jungle! Crichton has also figured out that the greenhouse is a dandy place to nap. It needs to be partly open on suny days so the baby melonp plants can breathe. So when I go check them, there is usually a groggy cat looking up at me from the gravel floor…

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