When bulls collide…

Check out Bob and Thoreson at RDoubleD Acres in Monroe, WA. We went there Saturday for an informal seminar on Dexters and learned a lot about color genetics and conformation. Providing audio entertainment were the 2 bulls. Thoreson claimed the herd, since he had been with the cows longer. Bob was playing catchup from another field just off-camera to the left. He seemed to remember us a bit, but was more concerned about showing what a manly guy he is to the other bull. I think they sound like a cross between elk and dinosaurs!


3 thoughts on “When bulls collide…”

  1. Sooo, Bob lost 10 girlfriends in the span of 2 months??? All the ones he left behind, now claimed by another, and Stella not even in moooing distance. No wonder he sounds as he does..Any pregnancy signs on Stella yet?

  2. We’ll get to see Bob soon, all gussied up for showing. Not quite as nice for him as hanging out with the ladies, but it’s a bull’s life…

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