Plan it, and it will rain…

We’re all set up for the big BBQ, and it’s started to lightly rain. A perfect day in the pacific northwest. More updates as the evening progresses…

Here we are a few hours later. I think the final headcount was 25 people. Naturally, it continued to rain most of the evening, but everyone seemed to have a good time anyway. Meat was grilled, mead was spilled, dogs ran amok, and Stella frowned at all those hard-hearted guests who didn’t bother to feed her.

The rain tapered off enough for the night shift to sit around the fire and help us quality-control check the beverages. We never did get around to making smores.

Here I am, being mocked for drinking water! As you can see by the droplet on the camera lens, the rain came & went the rest of the night. We ended up going lights out around 2:30.

And the Seven Trees inaugural shindig’s final departing guest got to gather her own souvenir eggs. Tubby, Neil & Boldy weren’t too thrilled with the interruption, but that’s a hen’s life!

Our thanks to everyone who braved the weather and long drives to eat, drink and be merry with us. If we manage to recover from this shindig soon, we might actually start planning another one!


One thought on “Plan it, and it will rain…”

  1. Fun time! Thanks for the invite. Your place is beautiful! By all means, have another…it would “meade” so much to so many! 😀

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