Quick trip to Baker today

In the midst of a long busy weekend we decided to head up to Artist Point on Mt. Baker. It was a bit crowded but not horrible. And we brought our growler from the North Fork so we could enjoy a liquid souvenir of the day at home.
On arrival we went to use the Ski lodge restrooms, and joined a group watching a young black bear dining on the many ripe blueberries. Sorry, but s/he was far enough away that a picture wouldn’t have captured the moment. As we left that area, people were actually hiking up to get even closer to the bear. I mean CLOSE. Oops, did I say people? I meant 2-legged morons!

The big bumpy grey & white thing behind me is Mount Shuksan. It’s beautiful and not a volcano like Baker is. Notice the hounds actually looking at the camera…

Here is a little alpine tarn near the Bagley Lakes. There are a few miles of trails from the main parking area, well worth the drive to get some alpine air.


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