Latest Pest: Kitchen rats!! (Kittens!)

Ever have trouble with these?
Little closer for more detail. Little pests are into everything… even freshly cleaned brewing equipment waiting to be put up. Ah well… what’s another scrubbing or three?

A rare moment of rest. Thing about kitchen rats is they never slow down… this is indeed a rare moment.

The moment of quiet lasted about 5 seconds before they were back sidling under the kitchen cupboards, and climbing the walls. But look at how peaceful and cute they CAN be. Albeit rarely.


7 thoughts on “Latest Pest: Kitchen rats!! (Kittens!)”

  1. Would ya like to borrow my dog? I think she’d love herding your kittens. ;-)Seriously, the only time she barks at the window is when a cat walks by. She comes to us and whines up a storm, wanting us to let the kitties in. Weird dog.

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