What’s New…

Not a whole lot actually. Just trying to stay dry and warm in this cold, damp, rainy weather as the days slowly get longer. We added a Concept 2 rowing machine last month to aid in staying in shape as well as to prep for summer hiking season. Apparently Magnus feels it’s also the perfect lounger for kitties. We really love the rowing machine and both use it 5 days a week. We’re also part of a “virtual” rowing crew, and combine our miles on the Concept 2 site as we participate in online rowing competitions.

We bottled a 90 shilling Scotch Ale last night. It was a gift to us and came from Seven Bridges Cooperative purveyor of organic brewing ingredients. As usual we were subject to supervision by one of the kitties.

Feel the love…

Feel the disapproval! Crichton, obviously doing his ST-TNG Worf impression, “I should kill you where you stand!”


4 thoughts on “What’s New…”

  1. He’s only out there when he wants to be. Crichton spends about 12 hours a day in th ebedroom sleeping. Sometimes though he likes to peek in the window…

  2. I wish you had broadband and could put up a barnyard web cam.I’m familiar with the fireside lion. Quite happy to live in the lap of luxury with an occasional photo-op in the wild outdoors to prove s/he’s only pretending to be domesticated.

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