Almost done!

The garage colors are a near match for the colors we painted the barn and will be painting the house and other out-buildings.
Somehow, Stew keeps getting in the pictures. Monday the roof will go on, Wednesday the concrete floor will be poured, and somewhere in there the roll-up doors, gutters & downspouts get installed. Then we get to take over and build a wall between the parking bays and the shop area. We’ll also be finishing the shop interior, eventually.
Milking log:
3/21 – Stella & Doug weren’t separated due to work schedules, 1.5 qts anyway.
3/22 – 3 qts after 4 hours separation.
3/23 – 3 qts, 4 hours separated, and I let Doug have a drink after Stella slowed up, so she’d let down again (double-dipping, I call it).
3/24 – 3.5 qts, 5 hours off, double-dipped.
3/25 – 2 qts, 4 hours off, no double-dipping. We had company over to watch the milking procedure, and Stella did fine. I stopped after 2 qts so as not to push my luck.
3/26 – 3 qts, 3 hours off, double-dipped.
3/27 – 3.5 qts, 5 hours off, double-dipped.
3/28 – 3 qts, 5 hours off, double-dipped.
Stella is getting pretty consistent with giving 3 quarts if I let Doug back on her for a minute after the first couple quarts. I still think she could easily give another quart, but not without me having to finagle it out of her.

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