Beloved Mercia

We discovered this AM that our sweet little Mercia cat had been struck by a car sometime over night and lay just across the road from our gate. She appeared to have died instantly, but that is scant solace to us this day.

Her brother Magnus, to the left in the photo below has been watching for her between naps and now lays at the cat door waiting for Mercia to appear. There’s no way to explain to him that she won’t be returning here tonight, or ever.
Mercia was only 9 months old, but she brightened our days with her energy, and unique demonstrations of her bountiful love. We’ll miss her always.

8 thoughts on “Beloved Mercia”

  1. Oh no. 😦 I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope Magnus (and the rest of you) makes the adjustment as well as possible.

  2. Humans~ my condolences. It is always hard to lose a “member of the family” and nothing ever makes up for the loss…Hopefully she passed quickly and painlessly…. but that does not temper the fact that she is gone~I am so sorry…..

  3. I just read of your loss. I am so sorry. You both are the best pet parents I know, if it’s any consolation to know she had a very happy, though short, life.

  4. We’re doing a bit better today. Magnus is having to learn a lot really fast, at the same time missing his sister and sorting out his place with the other cats.

  5. We endured a similar loss several years ago. Our precious Jasmine who was 9 years old and our family’s first pet. Our oldest child was devastated.We found Jasmine across the street from our driveway one morning. She was a gray tiger as well. We still miss her and that was 4+ years ago.I am glad you are doing a little better now. Hugs,K

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