Cat door addition and random animal moments…

We added a cat door to the garage this week. Here Magnus is getting a lesson in how it works while Newt looks on. Newt is already a cat door expert, so she just watched as the other kitties got their training. It didn’t take Stewart and Fergus long to realize this is not a door for dogs to use. Though they do enjoy sticking their snouts in cat doors for a sniff.
This is Stew and his beloved gator. He’s chewed most of the mouth off, but the rest is quite serviceable for dragging about or silent adoration.
Magnus has turned into a handsome lad as you can see. He is a total people cat, and spends most of his time wherever we are just hanging out with us.
And Crichton does what he does best… Zzzzzzzzz. He is after all 7 this year, so I suppose he’s earned it.
We’ve been turning Doug and Ryder out together these days. The two boys had the run of an entire barnyard and pasture, but where did I find them when I went out to check? Both snugged up in Ryder’s stall, enjoying a friendly cud chew together. Handsome little guys…

3 thoughts on “Cat door addition and random animal moments…”

  1. I just stumbled across your blog from another blog. I love finding other blogs from the state of Washington. After reading a few posts it sounds like life is similar in both areas of the state… canning,cat doors,apples,and fall coming. I actually got cold this evening so I believe frost will come sooner that I want in northeastern Washington.

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