Critter pic interlude

Check out the garden assistant! Crichton is doing his part by making sure every last grass clipping made it into the barnyard for the cows to snack on.
We’re transitioning from summer activity to winter “hibernation”. Still plenty to do, but now we’re stuck waiting for breaks in the rain to get things battened down.
Stewart, demonstrating his “intelligent” look.

Here’s the two canine boys, napping. Notice Fergus’ choice of pillow….

Aahhh, the after-dinner rawhide cigar. It’s a dog’s life!

Here’s Ryder, vogueing for the camera. He’s still a bull, and still for sale, but not for long. He’ll get an appointment with the vet in December, and then his next stop will be freezer camp in 18 months or so.

We’ll be ordering our beehive soon, so we have plenty of time to assemble & paint it before the bees arrive in the spring. It’s also time for planning the garden. We have some nifty ideas for maters & taters that will give the blight time to work its way out of the soil, but more about that later this week. Right now we still have beets, carrots, chard, kale & lettuce growing. Not bad, but next year we hope to grow a lot more in the spring and fall. We will also be planting sunchokes (also known as Jerusalem artichokes) soon, thanks to our Endorean friends on the Skagit river.

One thought on “Critter pic interlude”

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