Visit to the Draft Horse Show!

At the Evergreen State Fair. And just below is Dixie Valentine, an 18 month old Clydsdale filly that is being raffled come Thursday this week. J is pretty darn sure she bought the winning tickets, but that’s hard to believe since I was the one who bought the winners.

The sights and sounds were overwhelming to us northerners, with the place being packed, hawkers yelling, rides roaring with associated shrieks, smells assailing from roasted meat to cotton candy, and the sun beating down on all. We finally escaped to the barns where I shared ice cubes from mango/lemon ice tea with one of the draft horses in the cool, far more quiet confines.
Finally 5:00 PM rolled around when the draft event started. This was the winning wagon in one of the senior driver competitions. This 60 year old gal below made driving her team look effortless, but truth is it’s just that she’d been doing it all her life. Her percheron team was also in top form and well trained which certainly helped as well. Blue ribbon!
Another shiny wagon competing with black percherons, and from Bellingham none-the-less! We stayed on through the pulling competition, but finally had to depart for home when it started getting late.

Speaking of horse power…

This is a small portion of the harvest that we dropped off at mom’s yesterday. The garden is winding down, although J has some nice winter starts going that will hopefully keep us in veggies for a good while longer.

Happy week to you all!

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