You found us!

Welcome to Seven Trees’ new online home. We’ll be tweaking older posts to better fit this format, including easier to search categories, and static pages about our critters and garden. As the saying goes….a work in progress!


5 thoughts on “You found us!”

  1. Woohoo! Congrats, it looks great! Really like a treasure hunt map where the treasure has been found.
    Keep up the posting, it brings smiles to my face to read and see it from afar.

  2. You could plant maybe 3 or 4 bean plants in a good-sized container. That
    would be pretty sweet. I bet you could get enough green beans for a few
    dinners. If you did pole beans you could just stick a pole in the container
    and let them grow crazy!


  3. Hey Joanna,

    I thought about that. Tomatos, because of blight, are not doing so well the past few years. I am thinking of going to almost all herbs.

  4. I’ve had good luck planting Stupice tomatoes. They ripen early enough to avoid the blight, and taste pretty good. Last year my one plant put out enough to freeze extra, so I’m going to plant 3 or 4 and hopefully can some.


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