Inaugurating the Hen Palace

By the time we had the Hen Palace ready-enough to move the gals in, it was close to dark and pouring down cold winter rain. Our attempts at herding them were fruitless, but no doubt entertaining to the neighbors.

Eventually we headed to town for dinner, then abducted the reluctant flock from where they went to roost in the old coops. As you can see, the perching/nesting area is spacious and clean. What’s not to like?

Here’s a still from the video below, showing a Barred Rock hen exploring the new 8-compartment nesting complex. We won’t go into how a few rebel hens managed to escape the new digs to lay in the hay mow and then somehow sneak back in to their pen….

One project we’ll be getting right on is the installation of an automatic door to the hen yard. It runs off a specialized motor used for draperies, and when hooked up to a timer will let us sleep in just a tad longer, instead of dashing out at 4:30 in the morning to let the gals out for their morning recreation.

On a tastier note, we’ve been exploring recipes for short ribs, also known as Maui/flanken/Oriental style, since Doug and Buddy provided us with many pounds of them. We just tried this version of Korean short ribs, and they’re wonderful! If you’re a foodie, it’s definitely worth checking out the rest of this blog….

A heads-up for our local readers – Bellingham is going to have its first annual St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 13th! They have an action-packed Facebook page, and a website with some basic information. We’re hoping to be in the parade with Gemini & cart, but we haven’t told him about the leprechaun hat we want him to wear.


3 thoughts on “Inaugurating the Hen Palace”

  1. They seem to really enjoy the bigger space and covered lounge area. Now we have to get their outside run enclosed and varmint proof. Now that we’re not feeding the local sparrow population (generations of them!) we’ll save a lot on feed costs too.

  2. They and their new enclosure look beautiful. One can tell that they don’t have a rooster around, the feathering is so nice.
    Great job – may go for the automatic door myself, even though the sun does not rise early right now, and hence neither do the chicken. But spring seems to be right around the corner.

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