Coming soon – piggies!

Check out these little porkers! They are 1/4 Hampshire 3/4 Duroc, born January 29th.
Duroc pigs are a mix of many breeds, and their origin is shrouded in mystery. The breed is supposedly named after a famous racing stallion in the 1820’s.

One of the classes we took last weekend at the Cattlemen’s Winter School (more about that later) was about backyard pork production. So when a Craiglist ad popped up with some likely looking weaner pigs, we couldn’t resist. They’ll be ready to bring home around St. Paddy’s Day, and about 4 1/2 months after that, they’ll be at their butcher weight of 250#. We’ll need about a ton of feed for them, plus a water source & shelter. Piggies don’t like rain, and sunburn easily. We’ll also feed them all kinds of garden leftovers and other tasty things. (If you’re in the area and looking for your own piggies to raise, heres a link to the Craiglist ad.)

Each pig should yield about 140-150# of meat ready for the freezer. Hopefully we’ll have eaten enough beef by them to make room!

We have our bigger coop up for sale, all cleaned up & ready to go.

Here’s a video of Gemini blowing off a little steam after a cart drive. He had to cope with the horrors of driving past the pig farm up the road, and driving through puddles. A tough life for a pony, so no wonder he had to cut loose a bit…..


4 thoughts on “Coming soon – piggies!”

  1. Do ya suppose he itched after getting wet?

    On the pigs, a friend of mine has two adults and her husband made a deal with the local Chinese restaurant. He drops off a clean garbage can every day or two and they fill it with their kitchen scraps. Symbiotic relationship with free food for the pigs going to the farm end. /just a thought.

  2. Since this is our first try at raising piggies, we decided to go with the advice from the pork class teacher with the feed.

    But we do have sources of cheap/free food to supplement with. Shopping carts of stale bread from a bakery outlet, leftover kitchen stuff from a cafe, tons of garden stuff, and they’ll be tilling up a paddock for us, so grass and roots & bugs too.

    They’re a little too early to make the most of apple season though…..oh well.


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