Goodbye winter!

We finally made the big time and invested in an egg scale. It’s amazing how hard it can be to accurately guess the weight of an egg, since they are shaped so differently. Sizes are classified according to minimum net weight expressed in ounces per dozen, as explained on the site Eggs From A to Z
We didn’t have a bumper crop of spuds last year, but we still have a few left. The sprouty ones are Island Sunshine, very prolific, very hardy, and very tasty. The other ones are Prairie Blush, a new variety. They didn’t produce a whole lot, but they are pretty and keep well.
Since the greenhouse was rehomed, we’re having to get creative starting seeds. Luckily onions don’t mind a little chill, so they’re first up. The tray is on a piece of foam board, and a large heat mat made especially for germinating seeds is on its way.
It doesn’t take much to warm things up under a little plastic. We’ll see how much heat the mat adds, and eventually there will be more seed trays under the tent. Maybe next season we’ll get a little fancier…
Spiffy new mailbox!
Followed by a mysterious activity involving coffee beans and a stuffed fawn.
And a nighttime raid on the hive to listen in on the latest buzz….

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