Gemini goes to town!

We were finally able to check off a big one on our list – driving Gemini to town for a latte.

Gemini wasn’t too thrilled about getting that close to the building at first, but he quickly caught on to the boredom of waiting in line.

One of the cart tires was low, and we couldn’t find our pump, so Gemini got personal attention at the tire shop.

Gemini didn’t seem to fazed by the mechanical stuff. What worried him most on the drive to town were the manhole covers in the road. He also worked pretty hard to avoing stepping on cracks in the sidewalk..

The dogs got much needed baths this weekend. Not that they’re very happy about it…

Newt took some time out to relax with her favorite catnip banana.

It’s almost time to start planting, but first then hens get to do a little tilling of their own. They love scratching up bugs and weed sprouts in the garden, and it helps us grow better quality veggies.


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