Getting piggy with it

 It’s finally nettle season. Right now they are perfect for steaming, with a little salt, pepper & vinegar, and they’re wonderful! When we get tired of stuffing ourselves silly, we’ll harvest a bunch for drying. By then the nettles will be too mature to eat safely.

Our porcine visitors will be here on the 20th, as long as all goes as planned. One of them, who shall be known as Link Stinky, hurt his eye, but is healing up well. He and Patty will soon be ensconced in the Ham Palace.

We’ll probably have to anchor it down once they get bigger, but it’s a cute little camping hut right now.

If we have time, we’ll add a coat of paint to match the rest of our outbuildings. The pig’s water will be provided with a gravity feed resevoir (one of the rain barrels) and a metal drinking nipple mounted through 2×6’s and strapped to a fence post. We don’t have a faucet out there yet, so this will let us fill the barrel every few days with the garden hose.

The paddock where the pigs will live had numerous daffodils blooming in it. It must have been somebody’s garden at one time, because we’ve already rescued mint, oregano & lemon balm from it. The daffys got moved to the ‘mitigation zone’ under the back fir trees. So far, so good.

The peepers are growing like crazy! Already looking like miniature hens with their little wing & tail feathers. The New Hampshires are a surprising color, but very pretty.

Gemini & Seven Trees didn’t make it to the St. Patty’s Day parade. There were just too many things going on, and he also needs a bit more work for us to feel completely confident with his behavior in that kind of hubbub. Next year for sure, and hopefully with a spiffy new wagon and teammate.


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