Where to start…

First the bad news….Link didn’t survive his bout with malabsorption. We shared what info we had with the breeder, and they’ve refunded Link’s price. He’s buried under our old apple tree, and Patty seems to be doing fine without him. We spend time with Patty, give him treats, scratch his back, etc. and so far, so good. He loves chasing ravens & crows that land in his pen to steal treats.

And lots of good news following our trip to the Small Farmer’s Journal event in Madras, OR. Since there are so many pictures, we’ll try out the new ‘gallery’ feature of WordPress and share them that way.

Misty is a little bigger than Gemini, but still well within our size range.

After meeting Misty, we headed south, stopping anyplace that looked interesting. There is a lot to see in the PNW, even in the so-called dry side. Once we checked into our hotel in Madras, the very nice Inn at Cross Keys Station, we headed to Bend for some Deschutes beer on tap, and a nice dinner. The weather was sunny and warm until a sudden storm coalesced. In just a few minutes we were surrounded by lightning and rain and hail and snow that completely obscured vision, leaving inches of slush on the ground. We persevered, and the weather disappeared as fast as it arrived. What a crazy storm cell!

There was an overwhelming amount of stuff for sale at the auction. Every kind of horse-drawn vehicle and implement you can imagine, in any state of repair. We ended up buying a pair of fancy show harness and a single set of driving harness from a vendor. The auction part was a bit too much for us greenhorns, but next year we’ll try our hand.

There was a lovely Gypsy Vanner warming up behind the horse pens. We couldn’t resist getting him on camera.

We left Madras a day early and took the scenic route home via Multnomah Falls (which is the 2nd highest year-round waterfall in the US at 620 feet) and the Cascade Locks. Lots to see, but it sure was good to get home.

Luckily we had Saturday free, since we saw an ad for a nice-looking horse trailer in Spanaway. So we hit the road again and brought it back. But that story (and the video of Patty having a beer) will have to wait until the next post….


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