Ponies, Patty, and rainy weather

The weather sure isn’t cooperating with our busy schedules. We haven’t had much time to work with the ponies yet, other than moving them from barnyard to grazing paddock. Gemini & Misty decided one night that they couldn’t be apart, and we woke to un-hotwire strewn around the pasture, and 2 grass-bellied ponies grazing together. No harm done, and now they share digs. Looks like we’ll be building their permanent corral sooner than planned.

Patty loves to come out and root in his pen whenever we work in the garden. How cool that doing a needed chore also helps him feel like a busy pig, which helps him grow faster. Rain notwithstanding, the garden is coming along. Cabbage, lettuce, chard, spinach, onions, carrots, peas & green beans are planted now, with dry beans, melons, squash, peppers & cukes sprouting on the back porch.

Here are a couple of videos – one of Patty enjoying leftover kettle corn, and one of Misty getting a good first look at Gemini upon her arrival.


3 thoughts on “Ponies, Patty, and rainy weather”

  1. Looks like all are very content and happy with the new addition to 7 trees. Congrats on choosing so well.

    The weather sure is odd up there this year, looking occasionally at the temperature display on your blog.

  2. So far the pig experiment is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see how all the ham, bacon & sausage turn out, and to try again next year with 2 or 3 piggies. Patty is really funny to watch. I’ll try to get a film of him running around so much that he wheezes and pants…

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