Patty’s Progress

With the recent news of people poisoning themselves with hemlock, Conium maculatum, we thought it might be helpful to share a few links to help identify it. The phrase ‘groes like a weed’ might have been invented for this plant, since it effortlessly spreads just about anywhere…

The Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign has more info about poison hemlock, as does King County DNR.

Last but not least, a couple of videos to share…one of Seven Trees’ laying flock doing their free-range thing, and one of Patty Pig enjoying a shower.


4 thoughts on “Patty’s Progress”

  1. Great posts of spring coming around!
    What a community – the chicken are happily eating the pony droppings and any possible horse worms in there while teaching the ponies not to be skiddish, and Patty is the “free sod turning-over tool”.

    Looks to me like you guys can sit back on the porch with a brew and watch the animals do the hard work.

  2. Maybe a little “how to” post on reseeding a new pasture? Not urgent, but I would be curious – the grass looks great !! How did you prep the soil/got the grass seed into the soil? What type of grass seed did you use?

    Is it appropriate for me to ask here for more “in depth” coverage?

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