Magnificent Magnus

Magnus Cat is our blog feature this week, because he’s a very fabulous fellow. When Magnus first came home he was a tiny guy. Here you can see he fit quite neatly in this shoe box!
Baby Mags

 While all three kitties are very important to us, Magnus is our special guy being the only one of two kittens we rescued in 2007 that survived. Where the other two cats Crichton and Newt spend as much time outside as in, for some reason Mighty Mags is about 95% house cat. He spends the majority of his time snoozing one place or another inside the house. That is when he’s not following us around mewing for treats, playtime and more petting! I am not complaining though as Magnus is our indoor constant, always ready for a good romp or a nap, whatever needs doing.

Magnus in his tree

These days though he barely fits in his cat tree!

Disapproving Magnus

Not that he doesn’t have his cranky moments. Here I am using the edge of “HIS” recliner to brace my feet for sit ups, and I am getting some serious cease and desist thrown my way. Set lasers for kill.

Bright eyed Maggy-man

Most of the time he’s more like this cheerful guy though, lolling around the floor ready to play. Magnus has been gifted over time with a number of silly nick-names; Mags, Maggy, Margaret, Magneto, and well… other embarrassing to feline handles. He seems to take all our silly human foibles with aplomb though. 

You’ll notice in this final video of Magnus that his purr-motor is proximity activated.

 So that’s Magnus.  Sometimes silly gray clown, sometimes dissaproving cat, always our purring warm house monster.

Magnus even has his own facebook if you’d like to become a friend:

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