Hooping it up

Fore more information on hoophouses, here are some of the links we’re looking at for ideas:

Growing for Market

Solar Spaces and Greenhouses

Growers Solution

Living and Loving My Country Life blog

The blackberry pie crust uses butter instead of shortening and tastes like a bit like shortbread. It also worked great with some herbs added instead of sugar for a chicken pot pie. Here’s the recipe. The filling is here.

Neither of the humans at Seven Trees are ‘joiners’, but when times get tough it’s good to have good people to count on. We’ve made some connections thanks to our ongoing climb up our family trees, and have taken the plunge & joined the Clan Campbell. We’ll be taking part in the Parade of Clans at the Skagit Valley Highland Games, and getting more involved with our local Scottish ‘appreciation’ groups locally. Drop us a line if you’re in the area July 9-11 and maybe we can meet up at the games.


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