Where bacon comes from

Warning! Graphic animal slaughter pictures in this blog post….

Patty Pig was sent to freezer camp this week. Using the girth/length method of estimating, we figured he was around 240 live weight. He ended up being about 190# hanging weight, which is just perfect. After a certain weight, piggies put on fat, not muscle, and it’s not efficient to ‘grow’ them longer.

Never a dull moment at Seven Trees, we’re harvesting lettuce, kohlrabi, raspberries, peas, carrots, potatoes, and the very first of the blackberries this week. We’ve also started making beef jerky from Doug & Buddy london broil cuts, and are building raised beds for the winter garden.

We’ll also be attending the Battle at Hovander Farm on Sunday, August 8th. It’s a civil war reenactment, complete with artillery, cavalry, encampments, and merchants.

We’re also hoping to get a decent dayhike in, complete with refreshment¬†stop at the North Fork brewery for a growler of their wheat ale. We still haven’t hit Heliotrope Ridge, mainly due to its reputation as a crowded trail, but maybe on a sunny Sunday….


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