Hi Honey!

Our first honey harvest went really well. No one got stung! This weekend we’ll put a honey super on the new hive, using the combs we emptied to give them a jump start. They may not have enough time to fill them all, so we’ll check again in a few weeks and replace the honey frames with a feeder if necessary.

Extracting the honey was sticky and fun, and fairly easy since we we able to use borrowed equipment thanks to our wonderful neighbors. Next year we should be able to ‘steal’ a lot more, assuming the bees don’t swarm again 🙂

Elsewhere at Seven Trees, the harvest is well underway. Green beans, carrots, lettuce, chard, cukes, zukes, tomatoes, peppers, melons, dill, potatoes, early onions, cabbage, raspberries & blackberries. Whew!


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