All on a winter’s day

Living in the peerless Pacific Northwest, we  often come across the challenge of grilling a whole salmon. This recipe is a great starting point if you want to barbeque your own. You can experiment with indirect grilling too.

We finally got Gemini out for a drive today. After being a complete brat while we groomed & harnessed him, he settled down to work and seemed to enjoy getting out for a trot & some scenery. His reward was getting to graze the front yard for a while.

Thanks to a neighbor with a spare Little chief smoker, we’ll be making some beef jerky this week, with bacon soon to follow. We’ll share recipes & reviews in the next few weeks.

We’re also getting ready to tweak our internet presence again, getting rid of one domain, moving the blog address to a portal page, and getting our genealogy blog up & running.

Another research path is pony-packing. Whatcom county has plenty of trails that are open to pack animals, and once we get Gemini fitted with a sawbuck & panniers, we can let him carry our gear up in the high country. Summer 2011 will see lots more trail hikes!


3 thoughts on “All on a winter’s day”

  1. As usual, you all make one look at the daily occurrences in life in a different light – beautiful landscape it is. I sometimes notice the beauty in my normal commute, but have never thought to take pictures to hold it in place. Thanks!

  2. One reason Seven Trees was relatively reasonably priced is that there aren’t really any direct views. But within a few feet to a few miles, the scenery is stunning. I love driving home different routes to enjoy all the panoramas 🙂

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