Oh snap!

Our local grocery chain recently advertised Dover sole on sale, and we were looking forward to some light, fresh fish. When I got to the store though, due to bad weather at the fishing grounds, they had no sole. Instead they offered red snapper at an even better discount, and I bought two huge filets. Neither of us had cooked snapper before, but a quick look online brought up Spicy Pan-Seared Snapper. It turned out so delicious that we made it again the next night!

On the home front, we’re digging through storage totes of old art & assorted decor, hanging up what we like and getting rid of what we don’t. And we finally got around to putting a set of antlers we bought at the Highland Games to use.

Magnus handles all the chaos with his usual style…

Gemini is now a professional beggar, trotting to the front door when he hears it open. His latest skill is marching onto the back porch, through the door and into the house, to get slices of dried pears. The parrots think it’s very exciting 🙂

Since spring is starting to rear its busy head, we’ve completed the list of what we want to plant for the 2011 garden. Still no planting plan though. Luckily there is new ground broken and planted with a cover crop, so there is more elbow room to work with. We’ve ordered another batch of bees to repopulate the hive that was robbed out last fall. And given how poorly the current flock is laying, it looks like we’ll be ordering a batch of chicks to get back on track with egg production. It’s almost time to start setting up the Ham Palace and pen for the 3 weaner pigs we plan to raise this year…..whew!


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