Goodbye Gemini

Our little pony man died this weekend.  He will be missed, like any member of our little household.

We were in Eastern Oregon when he died, buying him a fancy new cart & harness. The trip itself was really amazing, full of beautiful scenery, interesting people, places & wildlife. We may end up taking the cart back in a few weeks, and will enjoy seeing such a different landscape again.

The road trip part of the weekend was sublime. A part of Oregon we had never seen, not to mention while under a snow advisory. It was beautiful, and I find myself looking forward to seeing it again in different weather. Even in February there was wildlife around every corner. Hawks, mule deer, elk, chukar pheasants, and even a gigantic golden eagle.

The scenery was something out of an old western movie – abandoned homesteads, miles of fencing and free-range cattle, one-room school houses, frost-covered ponderosa pines, stunted junipers, snow fences, windmills, round-up corrals, and so on. Not to mention the tiny towns we passed, some nearly dead, some hanging on with a coffee hut and a few junque shoppes.

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6 thoughts on “Goodbye Gemini”

  1. So sorry to hear about your pony boy, friends. I waved hello to him last week and slowed down for a chat last week… glad I did. Might you not keep that wonderful cart/wagon for another pony friend?

  2. We’re probably going to look for a little bit bigger equine. That was our plan for when Gemini left us, only we didn’t figure it would be this soon. The average lifespan for a Shetland pony is 18-25 years, with some living as long as 30+. Gemini’s age was an educated guess and he could have been a few years older than the 18 we assumed.

    So the cart we bought is too small for what we’ll want now. Hopefully we can return it, or at least trade up.

    I’m just glad I got to hug him and feed him treats on the back porch the night before we left. I sure miss seeing him hanging out in the pony yard…

    1. Glad you got the hugs in, too. I’ll miss seeing him peering into the front door when I drive by. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you all won’t be equine-free. There are so many great horses out there for little to no cost right now. I hope you meet up with just the right creature when the time is right.

  3. I am bummed to hear of Gemini’s departure. I hope you find another suitable equine companion. But I suspect I will have to give up hoping to hear of more stories of ponies wandering around in the house.

    1. Katie might be a little too heavy to risk bringing inside. Though I’d love an excuse to replace the carpet with hardwoods. Gemini will always be remembered as one of a kind, and a good pony friend.

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