Busy spring weekend

When horse-powered farming was still the norm, many ‘steads didn’t need a full team of giant draft animals. A smaller horse, often a mix of draft and lighter breeds, was preferred, and called the “farm chunk”. With many folks these days being too big for an average sized riding horse, draft crosses are becoming popular since they can carry more weight while still being fun to ride. Common breeds to cross with the draft are thoroughbred & quarterhorse. They make nice sturdy mounts, but the light horse breeding can cancel out the easy-going nature of the draft lineage. With Katie being Belgian and Morgan (a breed developed in early America as a multi-purpose farm horse) she should be a calm & willing worker, and also compact and rideable.

Katie is settling in and making herself at home with us. She is very curious and helpful, upsetting a wheelbarrow to kick around, and inspecting all our fencing activities. She’s made friends with the neighbors, and chased the dogs. She’ll need some work to be considered saddle-trained, and we won’t start with driving training until we’re all more used to each other, but Katie is very good-natured and willing to learn. This summer will be full of adventures 🙂

The Seven Trees Farm sign was made by our brother-in-law who does amazingly wonderful metal work. Check out his website at Specialty Metal Art.


4 thoughts on “Busy spring weekend”

  1. Katie is bigger than I imagined – standing next to a human shows the real size. What a beautiful page: The horse, the eagle, and the sign – amazing mix of man and nature art.

  2. That eagle stayed there for nearly an hour before giving up. There is a nesting pair not far away, and I think this is their baby from last year.

  3. Wow!!! Your sign is beautiful. What good work your brother-in-law does. Cannot wait to see it in person. Nice Katie….

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